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Winston Family Honors Writing Awards

The Winston Awards recognize the best essay, research paper, and thesis written by honors students.
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Honors Citation Ceremony

The 2018 Winston Family Honors Writing Award winners and their faculty mentors were honored
at a luncheon in the Samuel Riggs IV Alumni Center at the University of Maryland on April 27, 2018.

Winston Family Honors Writing Awards 2018 Winners

Short Essay Award:

Jisue Gonzales
"Environmental Racism: Industrial Dumping in Low-Income Communities"
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Ross J. Salawitch, Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Atmospheric & Oceanic Science

Sasha H. Kahn
"Love the Bomb"
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Nelson Pressley, University Honors

Samantha Stuart
"The Water Man"
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Sara Schotland, University Honors

Daniel Zheng
"Butler Library in New York: The New Tower of Babel"
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Ingrid Satelmajer, University Honors

Research Paper Award:

Madison Kunkel
"The Internet of Things: The Progression of Interconnectivity that Shifts Power Away from the Masses"
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Sarah Oates, Phillip Merrill College of Journalism

Brendan Sheehy
"Computer-Assisted Learning in the Developing World: Technical Considerations for Early Education"
Faculty Mentor: Ms. Taryn Devereux, Agricultural and Resource Economics

Honors Thesis Award:

Daniel Callow
"Effects of Acute Exercise Intensity on Neural Efficiency Using Semantic Memory Task Activation in Younger
Adults: An fMRI Study"
Kinesiology Departmental Honors Thesis
Faculty Mentor: Dr. J. Carson Smith, Kinesiology

Mallory Haselberger
"Transcending the Ordinary: Artistic Transmission and Artemisia Gentileschi’s 'Penitent Magdalen'"
Art History and Archaeology Departmental Honors Thesis
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Anthony Colantuono, Art History

Caroline Johnson
"The Rise of the Iron Ladies: Female Leadership in Democracies (1960-2015)"
Government and Politics Departmental Honors Thesis
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Kathleen Gallagher Cunningham, Government and Politics