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Student Profiles

Aaisha Jamiluddin

Aaisha Jamiluddin Class of 2021 
Major: Public Health Science
Minor: French Studies, Global Poverty
Honors College living-learning program: University Honors
Hometown: Frederick, MD

A few of my activities: HONR100 Section Leader, Federal Fellow in Public Health Policy, Student Intern at the Department of Health and Human Services, Research Assistant in the Aphasia Research Center, and Co-Director of InnoWorks.

What I enjoy most about my living-learning program: I love the flexibility and multidisciplinary perspective that University Honors provides. It gives me the freedom to take the classes I want and allows me to meet people from a variety of majors. The most interesting classes I have taken at Maryland have been through the University Honors program!

Advice for prospective students about choosing a university or college: There are a multitude of factors to consider when choosing a university. Take a campus tour and shadow current students to learn more about the campus culture and determine whether you would be comfortable there. Also, do some research about the academic programs that you are interested in and take note of the resources and opportunities that the school has to offer, as these are important in shaping your college experience.

Alexandra Feggins

Alexandra Feggins Class of 2020 
Major: Electrical Engineering 
Honors College living-learning program: Advanced Cybersecurity Experience for Students
Hometown: Laurel, MD

A few of my activities: TerpThon, Institute of Electrical Engineers (IEEE), Primannum Honor Society, and Honors Ambassadors

What I enjoy most about my living-learning program: What I enjoy the most about ACES is the close-knit community on a large campus with other students that share similar interests and ambitions. I also gain access to networking events with employers and professional development opportunities that set me apart from other students. This program’s exclusive curriculum enriches my knowledge with real-world experience and prepares me for my future career in cybersecurity.

Advice for prospective students about choosing a university or college: I would focus on five main factors: major, size, location, campus feel, and cost. Make sure the university has a strong program for your major and a good support system for your classes and finding job opportunities. Also make sure it is a best value school that has a location and size that you prefer and, most importantly, that makes you feel at home on the campus.

Daniel Smolyak

Daniel Smolyak Class of 2020 
Majors: Computer Science and Economics
Honors College living-learning program: Gemstone
Hometown: Clarksville, MD

A few of my activities: Gemstone Leadership Council President, CMSC 434 Teaching Assistant, GEMS 104 Section Leader, Girls Who Code, Computer Science Honors Program, and Honors Ambassadors.

What I enjoy most about my living-learning program: Being in Gemstone made it easy to find my niche at the University of Maryland, both in terms of deciding what topics I was interested in researching and finding a community of like-minded friends. It has also given me opportunities to develop my leadership skills through helping teach introductory courses and leading our student council.

Advice for prospective students about choosing a university or college: While the process of making this milestone decision may be stressful, keep in mind that you will likely be successful both on campus and beyond, no matter where you choose to go. Even then, look for universities or colleges that have great resources in the areas that you think you will want to focus on, but also don't forget that your interests may evolve as you progress through your degree.