Honors History 1966-Present

A History of Honors at the University of Maryland

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Honors at the University of Maryland has a rich history beginning in 1966 when Professor John Portz, a faculty member of the English Department, founded the General Honors Program. Dr. Portz served as the director of the program from 1966 until his retirement in 1978. Throughout the years, Honors has been shaped by wonderful directors, faculty, staff, and students to become what it is today. Check out our timeline and contribute to our collection of Honors history as our 50th anniversary approaches by posting your stories and photos on our Facebook fan page and/or contacting Heidi Bruce, Director of Development and Alumni Relations for Undergraduate Studies, at habruce@umd.edu.

List of Honors Directors:
John Portz1966 - 1978Founder
John Howarth1978 - 1988
Richard McCuenSpring 1989Acting Director
Carolyn Boyd1989 - 1990
Terry M. Parssinen1990 - 1992
Jane Lawrence1992 - 1994Acting Director
Maynard "Sandy" Mack, Jr.1994 - 2004
Barbara Thorne2004 - 2008
Bill Dorland2009 - 2016
Susan Dwyer2016 -