Newsletter - September 2011

Design | Cultures & Creativity Welcome Weekend 2011

Thanks to Hurricane Irene's arrival, the Design | Cultures & Creativity Living-Learning Program welcoming events hosted by Director Hasan Elahi and team were slightly postponed-which, for incoming students, primarily meant waiting until Sunday before getting their new iPads and T-shirts.

In an icebreaker twist, each DCC student received another classmates' T-shirt. Students were asked to use their iPad to figure out whose T-shirt they had actually been given. Each T-shirt was personalized, not with the student's name, but with a unique QR code that was ironed on. A QR code is similar to a barcode, in that when it is "scanned" by a smartphone or iPad, it directs the device to a URL. For every student, a webpage was created displaying their name, major, and hometown in an image that linked to that student's online presence. This intentional mix-up on our part allowed the students to familiarize themselves with their iPads and also provided the opportunity to meet one another. The enthusiasm of both incoming and returning DCC students during their first weekend on campus signals a great year for the program.